Our Story

We are beauty industry professionals with decades of experience at top brands, creating products worn every day by women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to school, work and play. We have spent our lives working with the knowledge that a great lipstick can be a pick-me-up that inspires, whether at work on a factory assembly line or taking center stage as a movie star.

The need for inspiration is now more urgent than ever, and we knew that we had something to contribute that both celebrates women and to help stand up for the rights that we have as Americans. We have experienced sexism first hand in the workplace and in our daily lives, and have been judged based on conventional norms of beauty.

We are taking beauty back--- redefining it as an act of resistance and empowerment, open to each individual woman to define for herself—and no one else.

Proudly women-created and owned, and never tested on animals, our products are made right here in New York. 20% of all Beautiful Rights sales (NOT profits) goes to a organization of your choice that supports women's rights and gender justice.